Volunteer FAQs

How do I become a Twilight Brigader?

The Twilight Brigade offers a 20-hour acclaimed training course. All Twilight Brigaders are required to take this training. This is the most important part of becoming a Twilight Brigader. Depending on your locality, you may be able to begin volunteering shortly after completing our training at the VA, local hospice, nursing home or hospice of your choice. It varies city to city as to whom is familiar with our training. The VA and hospices will oversee additional training or mentoring they MAY require before assigning you a client but most accept our certification of training.

Does the 20 hour training cost anything?

The cost to attend a Weekend Intensive TTB training is $200.00 per person ($150.00 for Veterans).
The Twilight Brigade is a California-based 501(c)(3) public charitable organization. The cost to attend helps us to cover our costs of holding the training.

If the cost is a hardship for you and you wish to attend, please contact us and request a Chapter-sponsored space. We wish to offer these trainings for free and are working to raise monies to do so. If you would like to make a donation to help someone else attend, those donations will receive a tax receipt and may be tax-deductible.

VA Requirements:

If you choose to volunteer in the VA after the training you will need to do complete the government orientation program and background checks. After you receive your "government badge" you will volunteer 10 hours with a Twilight Brigader mentor. This helps you learn the ropes and the art of being a hospice volunteer. Your "government badge" sometimes takes a few weeks, and sadly, sometimes it can take a few months. Please remember, it's rarely the people, but the system, that is taking so long.