Start a Twilight Brigade Chapter

A chapter DOES NOT have to be formed to have a Training in your community. Contact the National Training Director at for further information.

1. Contact the National Training Director at to:

a. Determine if a chapter already exists or is in the process of being formed in your community.
b. Obtain a listing of everyone in your community who has expressed interest in The Twilight Brigade, particularly those who have expressed any interest in starting a program.
c. Obtain a copy of the Start-Up Manual.

2. Find a location where you can hold a small meeting of individuals who are interested in starting a Twilight Brigade program. (Goal: 1 month)

3. Send postcards to people in your community to attend a meeting to bring a Twilight Brigade program into your area -this group is called the Advance Team (Goal: 2 weeks )

4. Call the National Training Director and review all the things that need to be determined in the initial Advance Team meeting. (Goal: 1 week)

5. Hold an Advance Team meeting (Goal: 1week) to determine:

a. Who will find a location for the 20-hour Weekend Intensive Training
b. Who will help publicize/promote the initial training (send out postcards, post flyers, notify churches, synagogues, etc.)
c. Who will contact the hospices, hospitals, local VA medical facility, and convalescent care facilities in your community to determine who the volunteer coordinators are.
d. Who is willing to meet with a few key volunteer coordinators to determine if they would be willing to accept our volunteers, once trained.

6. Once a location for weekend training is found, contact the National Training Director at to determine the availability of a trainer (be sure to provide at least three alternative dates (Goal: 2weeks)

7. Once a trainer is assigned to your training, they will contact you to determine what supplies are needed for the trainer and whether any guest speakers should be invited (hospice volunteer coordinators, patients or volunteers). (Goal 1week)

8. After the first Training additional requirements will be furnished to complete the process.

If you are interested in starting a new Chapter, use the form below to contact The Twilight Brigade National Training Director Sandy Hatfield