National Trainer


National Trainers fulfill three key roles within TTB/CIA.

1) Conduct training sessions, as assigned, in locations where there are no local trainers;
2) Evaluate and certify new local trainers, as assigned,
3) Plan and conduct discussion or skill-building sessions at National Conferences.

Specific Qualifications

  • Demonstrated skill in delivering curriculum and facilitating group discussion
  • Effective public speaking and presentation skills
  • Willingness to travel
  • Familiarity with performance standards as defined by TTB/CIA
  • Understanding of the principles of education and adult training techniques
  • Familiarity with medical field and hospice
  • Minimum of one year experience at the bedside
  • Strict adherence to TTB/CIA Policies and Code of Conduct
  • Prerequisite Training/Development Qualifications
  • Successful completion of TTB/CIA 20‑hour intensive training
  • Completion and submission of TTB/CIA volunteer application and oath of confidentiality
  • Appointment as a TTB/CIA volunteer
  • Successful completion of TTB/CIA Train‑the‑Trainer course
  • Official Certification as a TTB/CIA local Trainer by the National Training Committee
  • Completion and submission of TTB/CIA trainer Code of Conduct
  • Official Appointment as a National Trainer by the National Training Committee


  • Plan and conduct 20‑hour intensive training sessions, as assigned
  • Plan and implement special interest workshops or lectures, in coordination with national training committee or national office or local trainer(s)
  • Plan and implement annual Train‑the‑Trainer session
  • Plan and facilitate national conference educational opportunities, in coordination with the national office
  • Evaluation and Reappointment
  • Participate in annual program and reappointment evaluation
  • General Reporting
  • Prepare and submit appropriate expense reports following the completion of assigned training sessions
  • Willingness to assist national office personnel in preparing training section of annual report

How to Apply

Please submit a cover letter and resume to Sandy Hatfield, National Training Director, ttbciaatl{at} ONLY if you fulfill the Specific Qualifications as outlined above.