National Training Administrative Team

Sandra Hatfield

National Training Director

After completing the TTB/CIA training, Sandra Hatfield started as a Hospice Volunteer and then accepted a position as a Hospice Volunteer Coordinator. To date she has trained over 1000 people in this field both with hospice and as a National Trainer. She is also a Certified Behavioral Therapist.

The subject of death has always held a fascination for her and she has done a lot of reading and research on the subject. Losing key members of her family at young ages is what led her to Dannion Brinkley’s organization, The Twilight Brigade Compassion in Action and a lot of self-discovery.

Sandra has written a novel “Zero Degrees of Separation,” about death, dying and the afterlife and created and conducted an Angelic Connections 6-week workshop to help people get in touch with their angels. Sandra may be contacted at

To view a television interview of Sandra speaking about The Twilight Brigade, please visit our Video Gallery.

Ronnie Foster

Assistant National Training Director

Ronnie attended her first training in January, 1998. She then organized the Spokane Chapter and has been the President ever since, coordinating volunteers to serve at the VA Hospital.
After attending the Train the Trainers Workshop in January of 1999, she became a local trainer.

In 2004, The Twilight Brigade appointed Ronnie to National Trainer status. She has conducted many trainings around the country, and helps facilitate the TTT with Sandy Hatfield.