Corporate Sponsorship

The Call of Compassion

Veterans and their families represent 10% of the US population. At 60 million strong, they form a large and loyal demographic.

Are you looking for an opportunity to engage veterans and those who love them in a powerful way?

Sponsoring The Twilight Brigade is a great way to be known as a "Pro Vet" or "Pro American."

The "Call of Compassion" is your opportunity to connect with and forge alliance with a truly noble cause. Together, we must answer the needs and prayers of America's dying Veterans. The very heroes who built this country are dying at an alarming rate - 73,000 every month! And with your help they won't die alone.

Creating Shared Value

Our corporate sponsorship philosophy embraces the principles of Creating Shared Value (wikipedia).

We believe interdependent relationships, much like the ones we forge at the bedside, are critical to the ongoing success of Capitalism and the United States.

We're looking for corporations and individuals that want to take their social responsibility to the most profoundly patriotic heights the bedside of America's dying heroes.

Through Sponsorship, your company's can make the ULTIMATE DIFFERENCE in the life of a veteran!

Sponsorship Packages

The Twilight Brigade offers three sponsorship packages. Each package is designed to help you reach Veterans and their families.

Please contact us now to get more information and explore the options that best match your need.

Join us and help put Compassion In Action today!

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